The house

'Brama Sole' is a house that was built in different stages. The oldest part is probably from around 1650 (the house next to it carries the year 1638). After that more pieces were added, resulting in a house that measures about 140 square meters. The house was formerly used as a small farm, downstairs were some stables for goats and upstairs there was space to live. From 1960 on the house was not used anymore and it's only purpose was storage. In 2007 the house came on sale and the current owners bought it. The location of the house is ideal. On top of a hill with beautiful views from the garden and from all the rooms. On the land below you will find olivetrees that are hundreds of years old. Once a year they are handpicked and will produce the finest quality of olive oil. The house is in a seperate part of the village together with about 20 other houses. This house is the last house of them and is freestanding. It's away from the road, cars can't be heard. Parking is possible on one of the parkingspots at the beginning of the village, from there it's a 75 meter walk to the house. You will have to walk some stairs as well, therefor this house is unfortunately not suitable for people who have difficulty walking and children in strollers.

When the house was bought there was nothing there. No electricity, no running water and no gasconnection. Besides that the whole house was full of old furniture and garbage. In 3 years time the house was refurbished compeltely to save it from further decline. The stable is now the livingroom combined with the kitchen and the henhouse is replaced by a porch from where you have stunning views. The large hayloft is turned into the bathroom and the old waterbassin for the animals now is a large bench where you can enjoy a glass of wine on long evenings. For those that are doing well in the kitchen the original breadoven is nice to try. This oven is restored, about 300 years old and sits outside next to the porch. The house is restored with respect of it's old elements. The beamed ceilings are still visible and also the terra cotta floors are still there.

Since the house is very wide (almost 20 meters) but relatively narrow (4 meter) there is no inside stairway. On both sides of the house are stairs that will leed to the bedrooms and bathroom. Two bedrooms have direct acces to the bathroom, the third bedroom has it's own entrance, but not a direct acces to the bathroom. To get to the bathroom from this bedroom you have to walk a few steps outside. The house features 3 bedrooms for 2, possibly 2 extra people can sleep in the living room.

The house is well equiped. The kitchen has all appliances, such as dishwasher, convection oven, microwave and a freezer. The bathroom has double sinks, a fullsize bath and seperate shower. The bedrooms have good beds with down duvets. In 2 bedrooms are 2 single beds that can be slided against eachoter if wished. The third bedroom has a double bed. The living room has TV with satelite connection and a DVD player. In colder months central heating will keep the house warm. A washingmachine is present to alow a longer stay.

The garden measures about 400 square meters and gives beautiful views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. The private pool is 7,5m x 3,6m x 1,3 m. The pool has a wooden deck around it with sunbeds so you can enjoy the sun. The chestnut tree will give you some shade later in the afternoon. In case of some rain there is the porch of 6m x 4m where you can sit and enjoy the views.