Village and suroundings


Partigliano is situated on an altitude of 500m, a small medieval village where time stood still. On your way to the house you'll walk pass a large stone basin that is filled by fresh mountainwater. People from the village are still getting there drinkingwater from here, since it tastes better then tapwater. The woman still partly do their clothewashing at the basin. Partigliano has about 200 residents.


From the house to Lucca is about 20 km's. Lucca could be described as the little sister of Florence. Aiming for tourism, but Lucca is not nearly as crowded. Lucca is a fortified city where people really live the Italian lifestyle and just walking through it will show you just that. Lucca's main attraction is it's wide wall built around the city in the Middle Ages. The wall is wide enough to have a foot- and bicyclepath. You can rent a bike for a few Euros and cycle around the wall. Of course you will stop along the way for some Italian icecream. Additional advantage in Lucca is that the summers are warm, but less hot then in Florence.


People who love culture will find it all in Florence, located on a 75 minute drive from the house. Most famous attraction is the Ponte Vecchio, the worldfamous bridge, built in 1345, with little shops on it. Besides that the Cathedral (Duomo) is recommended. It is possible to climb it and from almost 100meters height you will have a spectacular view. First form inside the Catherdral and then the outside platform will give you perfect views over the city. The Uffizi is is one of the most important artmuseums in the world and is located in a palace in the center of Florence. Those who want to shop of course will find everything that makes Italy famous.

Other cities

Other interesting places in the area of the house are Pisa (1 hour drive) with it's leaning tower and Siena (2 hour drive) that has it's annual Palio, a horserace in which the 17 neighborhoods compete against eachother.The race is held in the center of the city and is a big spectacle. The Garfagnana is located north of the house and is less well known. Here you will find many tiny mountainvillages, walkingtrails and small rivers. It's worthwhile to just drive around the area (do leave the mainroads) and have yourself surprised with stunning views.

The coast

Beaches are easy to reach by car from Partigliano. Within 45 minutes there are several beaches. A nice daytrip is the Cinque Terre. Five authentic villages connected by a mountaintrail that runs along the coast. you can park you car at the first village, from there you can walk to the other 4 villages. There are several opportunities to get off the trail and walk to a beach and in the villages are restaurants for a lunch. All villages have a trainstation that will bring you back to the first village, so if the legs get really tired at the third village you can catch a train that will bring you back. From the house to the first village is a 80 minute drive.